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Yesh Kan – Piamendy

Joy is everywhere in Yesh Kan as a young couple takes to the streets of New York City, sharing their happiest moment with the world.

Type: Music Videos

Year: 2018

Length: 4:06

Director: Daniel Finkelman

Featuring Piamnedy (Mendy Piamenta) performing an original composition, Yesh Kan captures the infectious magic of every wedding, as people young and old, from all walks of life, are drawn to the inescapable simcha, joining together to rejoice in the creation of a new Jewish home.
A Sparks Next production directed by Daniel Finkelman and produced by Chaya Greenberg with party planning by Debby Event Design, Yesh Kan is an irresistibly upbeat ocean of positivity, whose waves of festivity continue unabated. Featuring cameos by Avi Piamenta, Yoni Lorber and DJ Yehuda and filmed on location on the Brooklyn Bridge and throughout New York City, Yesh Kan radiates the unadulterated happiness of a wedding, a defining moment in the lives of the bride and groom whose pure joy in continuing the eternal chain of our people touches the hearts of everyone around them.

Song Composed by Mendy Piamenta, Lyrics by Mendy Piamenta and Yossi Rodal

במאי: דניאל פינקלמן
Directed by Daniel Finkelman

Produced, production design, and story by Chaya Greenberg

Party planning - Debby design (Jerufi)

Catering - Levi Faigenson catering

Cinematography - Sawyer Purman
Edited by Yissi Freeman
Dance Choreographer - Tommer Weingarten
AD - Ben Klein
AC - Godfred Sedano
Focus puller - Jelani Sanchez
Gaffer - Daryl Marc Key
Grip - Marley Chapman
PA - Matthew Thompson
PA - Patrick Merveille
PA - Aaron Reicher
Crafty - Dovi Piamenta
Line Producer - Jon Litt
Casting director - Zvika Bornstein
Post Production and color by Barry Cohen
PR - Shlomi Cohen
Press Release - Sandy Eller

Groom - Alex Michlin
Bride - Kelsey Cabell
Father 1 - Preston Fitz Smit
Father 2 - Silvestro Rubino
Rabbi - Moshe Fetman
Mother of Bride- Mrs. Fetman
Host - Zvika Bornstein
Photographer - Hila Hatten
Waiter - Cody Butler
Guest - Richard McMiller
Guest - Chandini Prakash
Guest - Siddharth Dutt
Guest - Bryan King
Guest - Jon Litt
Guest - Leon Hernandez
Guest - Leon Matatov
Cameo - Avi Piamenta
Cameo - Yoni Lorber
Cameo - DJ Yehuda

Dancers -
Tommer Weingarten
Aaron J. Heaps
Marcus Smith
Zach Adler
Shmulik Cyprys

Composed by Mendy Piamenta
Lyrics by Mendy Piamenta
and Yossi Rodal
Musical arrangement Daniel Kapler and Ian Freitor
Recorded and mixed at Playmasters Studios.
Music produced by Daniel Kapler
Pic By Levi Teltelbaum
Grafic design: Elad Halevi

HOSHEN Productions

---- YESH KAN Lyrics ----
So many reasons that finally got me to realize how lucky we are.
Raise your cup, praise hashem from The depths of your heart.

And I know and I know that from here it will grow like it did before,
Look around Everyone here they came for you.

The joy of the wedding took over the town, dancing like no one’s around, feet on the ground head to the sky
tonight we’re not wasting our time.

‎מהרה ישמע בהרי יהודה, ובחוצות ירושלים
‎קול ששון וקול שמחה קול חתן וקול כלה

יש כאן שמחת חתן וכלה לה לה לה לה לה
בניין עדי עד חדש נבנה נה נה נה נה נה נה

Tonight we’re not wasting our time. tonight we take over the town.
so everyone sing, everyone dance,
Everyone raise your cup to the sky.

tonight we celebrate but it’s forever. there is no better way when it's together.
everybody came from All over,
and when they go back it's still ain't over.

Its a בנין עדי עד.
Another Source of light.
We celebrate tonight.

There’s not a better mitzvah Then being besimcha
There's not a better simcha then doing a mitzvah.