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Gad Elbaz – Rachel’s Children

A musical tribute to Rachel, the biblical matriarch that is buried in Bet Lechem.
Performed by Gad Elbaz

Type: Music Videos

Year: 2019

Length: 4:17

Director: Daniel Finkelman

Music by Cecelia Margules
Lyrics by Evelyn Hayes
Music produced by Oren Emanuel
Mix by Ian Freitor

Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Co directed by Aharon Orian
DP - David Orian and Marco Vitale
Co produced by Shlomi Cohen
Line producer - Miryam Hadas
AC - Mendy Cohen
MUA - Ilan Zakay

Post production by
Olam Media JLM

Fegui Hadas
Michal and Yael Vaknin
Rachel Karin Asor

Thanks to:
Chaya Greenberg
Adam Bach
Tal Vaknin

Presented by the
Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation

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