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CRUMBS is based on the true story of the last Passover Seder in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Type: Short Films

Year: 2020

Length: 16:51

Director: Daniel Finkelman

CRUMBS is based on the true story of the last Passover Seder in the Warsaw Ghetto.
April 19, 1943, Passover eve. Just beyond the ghetto walls, Hitler’s Nazis are regrouping after sustaining staggering losses by a rag-tag Jewish resistance which has successfully held off deportations for 63 days. In the basement of Rabbi Meisel, a small group of surviving Jews gather to celebrate Passover as gunfire and mortars rain down around them.
Told from a perspective of a member of the hated “Judenrat,” (Jewish Police), the audience will witness the intimate and volatile confrontations between Jews of different religious backgrounds, spanning three generations, as they try to find meaning in the Holiday of Freedom as their inevitable doom approaches. The dynamic characters comfort and support each other between trading insults, accusations, and righteous condemnations. The desperate Jews cackle with morbid laughter as they recount the horrors they’ve witnessed, if only to preserve their tenuous sanity. Just before the Nazi’s breach the Ghetto walls, a sense of meaning is found in a few crumbs of Passover Matzah. But will it make any difference?

Officially selected at the:
Garden State Film Festival
Miami Jewish Film Festival
San Pedro International Film Festival
jellyFEST Season 6

Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Producer & AD Chaya Greenberg
Executive Producer - Cecelia Margules
Screenplay Tzvi Greenberg
Associate Producer Malky Goldman
Cinematographer Sawyer Purman
Production Design: Lee Milby
Costume Design: Anne Marie Hurdle
Original Score: Julian Cassia
Editor Jason Zucker
Editor & VFX Berry Cohen
Production Coordinator: Kenny Silber

Starring: Lori Leifer, Malky Goldman, Eli Rosen, David Mandelbaum, Melissa Weisz, Zvika Bornstein ,Esther Hafner, Shmully Blesofsky, Usher Wieder, Pierre Miller, Suzanne Miller, Bunia Turk, Anna Ganzburg, Tzvi Greenberg, Eli Tapuchi, Yehuda Lindenblatt, William Fleischman, Dun Laskey.

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