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Change the World – Gad Elbaz, Dudu Fisher feat. Saul Dreier

'Change the World' aims to bring that message home, showing that educating our children
is the key to acceptance, the first step towards eradicating hatred and racial bias.

Type: Music Videos

Year: 2018

Length: 4:35

Director: Daniel Finkelman

The ever-growing incidents of anti-Semitic attacks on both sides of the Atlantic have
had many looking over their shoulders in recent months, but the devastating Pittsburgh
synagogue massacre that left eleven people brutally slaughtered has evoked images of
Nazi Germany like never before. Seeing innocent people murdered in cold blood in
their place of worship simply because they were Jews is a horrific reminder that we
cannot let the Holocaust be forgotten and that it is crucial to teach the younger
generation about racial tolerance while empowering them to change the world by
promoting harmony and positivity.
An all new star-studded music video shot in Warsaw with footage of the POLIN Museum
of Jewish History aims to bring that message home, showing that educating our children
is the key to acceptance, the first step towards eradicating hatred and racial bias.
Featuring the legendary Dudu Fisher, the son of a Holocaust survivor, Israeli superstar
Gad Elbaz, Saul Dreier of the Holocaust Survivor Band and more than 80 Polish
children of all religions, Change the World offers a much needed message of hope at a
time when so many are still grieving the Pittsburgh bloodbath that has left the world
“We are living in a world filled with political rhetoric, hate and antagonism, all created by
adults and the time has come to say enough,” said Daniel Finkelman, producer and
director of Change the World. “The time has come to for us to start a new chapter, so
that our children can live in a new world, one that is filled with acceptance and
Banishing the chaos and animosity that breed anti-Semitism is crucial, explained
Cecelia Margules, who wrote both the music and the lyrics for Change the World, in
addition to serving as the video’s executive producer along with Arie Taykan and Sylvia
“In a world that so often is filled with darkness, we need to find the light that gives our
world its beauty and its purpose,” said Margules. “It is the purity and innocence of the
children that will guide us in that direction, helping us to change the world so that peace
and brotherhood can reign supreme once again.”

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Music and lyrics
Cecelia Margules

Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman

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Co directed
Aharon Orian

Line producer and written by
Chaya Greenberg

Co producer
Shlomi Cohen

Co Executive Producers
Arie Taykan
Sylvia Kahana

David Orian

Local Producer
Wiola Labedz

Co Executive producer -
Sigmound Rolat

Production manager -
Kings Tulik

1st AD -
Boguslaw Bielanski

Production coordinator -
Justyna Kolaczek

Production coordinator -
Gonia Galka

Production assistant -
Mirella Koniecko

Casting by
Daria Zdolska

Marta Szykula

Set manager
Michal Stalinski

Behind the scenes
Krzysztof Klosek

Still photography -
Marlena Kuczko
Jacek Goral
Marcin Miesak

Drone operator -
Marek Zajaczkowski

Drone operator assistant -
Kuba Kukla

Steadicam operator -
Jarek Wierzbicki

1st AC -
Wojtek Szumski

2nd AC / DIT -
Tomek Ruszkowski

Wardrobe -
Magdalena Chmielewska

Makeup -
Justyna Polkowska

Props -
Julia Filinska

Stagehands -
Robert Baczynski
Maciek Wernio

Krzysztof Gorecki Opticar
Slawek Kowalski

Zofia Jastrzebska
Mateusz Smolinski
Nina Lendzion
Alex Lendzion

Kids were participants of
Lauder Morasha School
And Edulab Babice

Catering by
Maciej Szaszkiewicz

Medical service -
Slawek Boguszewski


Music and lyrics -
Cecelia Margules

Music production -
Oren Emanuel

Gad Elbaz vocals recorded by
Jason Goldglancz

Dudu Fisher vocals recorded by
Yitzchak Shem Tov

Special Thanks to:
Rabbi and Mrs Sholom Ber Stambler
Chabad of Warsaw
POLIN Museum
Anna Grzadkowska
Karolina Kozak
Lauder Morasha
EduLab Babice
Adam Margules

Travel accommodations
Barry at Crown Travel

Last Survivors Legacy board:
Ceceilia Margules
Arie Taykan
Sylvia Kahana
Andrea Bolender

Sandy Eller

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