About the project:

As the days go by, their numbers begin to dwindle with all too few survivors left to share their stories. Their sagas are incomprehensible, too painful to endure, and yet despite overwhelming adversity, they triumphed over the greatest horror ever known to mankind by rebuilding the shattered remnants of their lives. Each and every survivor is a true hero, a precious treasure holding the key that links our past to our future. Who will tell over their stories when the last survivor is gone?

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  • Director: Daniel Finkelman
  • Executive Producer: Cecelia Margules
  • Photography: Mauricio Arenas and Aaron Orian
  • Sound: Michael Puro
  • Editors : Michael Puro and Brandon Pro
  • Graphics : Massimo Crapanzano
  • Writer : Sandy Eller
  • Consultant: Elisheva Lock

Special thanks to:
Connect 2