About the project:

In this lighthearted look at the very serious problem of the illegal copying and downloading that has plagued the music business, Jewish music personalities join forces taking you through a day in the life of a fictitious Jewish singer, portrayed by Yoely Leibowitz. Like everyone else, he is trying to earn an honest living, support his family and use his abilities to help others, but throughout the day he encounters former singers who have been forced to take other jobs as illegal copying and downloading has eaten away at their primary source of income.

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  • Director : Danny Finkelman
  • Director of Photography : Mauricio Arenas
  • Music: Hershy Ginsberg
  • Producer : FM Productions and Sparks Next

Lyrics by Motty Ilowitz & Moshe Kravitsky
Musical production by Hershy Ginsberg and Motti Cohen (Midnight Productions)
Composed by Chaim Feld

Camera operators:
Mikaela Floom (London)
Massimo Crapanzano (London)
Noel Galvez Rodriguez (London)
Sean Sinderbrand (NY)
Michael Edimy (NY)

Edited by:
Sean Sinderbrand

Mauricio Arenas

Story by
Danny Finkelman


YOELY LEBOVITS and Beri Weber, Gershy Moshkowitz, Yumi Lowy, Yossi Benshimon, Sruly Ginsberg, Shloime Gertner, Yoely Greenfeld, Shloime Taussig, Dovid Gabai, Sruli Meyer, Mendy Wertzberger, Nachas, Michoel Schnitzler, Shimi Goldstein

Special Thanks:

Sandy Eller, Gershy Moskowitz, Yossi Tyberg, Sruly Meyer, Yossi Benshimon, Yochi Briskman, Ari Klein, Heshy Biegeleisen, Ian Freitor, Naftoli Moishe Schnitzler, A.J. Grunwald, Moshe Davis, Ruli Ezrachi, Zack Blumenfeld, David Kaufman, Nafuly Weill, Beri Schapira, Noskow family, Goldman family, Sholom Vogel, Yechiel Stepsky, Rafi klein, Moishy Netzer

Vocals recorded @

Midnight Studios, Studio X, NMS, Ian Freitor, Ruli Ezrachi

Music distributed by
Music Distributors;


CD printing: AUDIO ZONE