About the project:

In an all new music video presented by Amudim and produced by Sparks Next in association with Olam Media, DeScribe reaches out with the hard hitting Set Me Free, a powerful look at the world of addiction and the all-consuming need to escape reality, often with tragic consequences. An upbeat promise of hope, Set Me Free is a reminder that even those who feel trapped by addiction can take control of their lives and liberate themselves by seeking professional help.

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  • Directed by : Daniel Finkelman and Aharon Orian
  • Produced by : http://www.sparksnext.com
  • Executive Producer : Zvi Gluck
  • Cinematography : David Orian

Post Production by OlamMedia Studio, JLM
Post producer - Aharon Orian
Editor - Noam Nachman Yeshua
Editing supervisor - Chana Orian
Online editing and Color grading - David Orian
Compositing - Michael Kimmel

Script - Aharon Orian, Miriam Cleeman
Line Producer - Anna Eret
AD - Lena Venger
2nd AD: Mendy Cohen
AC - Igor Pravik
Focus puller - Kiril Kirichishin
Gaffer - Mitya Oberlo
PA - David Vinokyr, Taras Lashta
Coordinator - Violeta Rudik
MUA - Alena Lebed, Alina Lazyrets
Art director - Ana Dudchenko
Transportation - Sasha Krykotun
Travel by Barry at Crown Travel, Shneor Smadar

Vlad Artemov
Ruslan Yaroshenko

Song written, composed, and performed by Shneur Hasofer a.k.a DeScribe
Music production by Nikolai Prange
Label - Foreignity

Press release: Sandy Eller

Public relations: Shlomi Cohen

Mendy’s restaurant, Kiev
Zoe Kagan
Gad Elbaz
Malky Zejger
Adam Margules
Avi Benjamin
Jon Litt
Cecelia Margules
CJ "the man" Gruner
Miryam Rabinowitz