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The music video "OH JERUSALEM" by internationally acclaimed Jewish artist Gad Elbaz, has won the best music video of 2020 at the independent short awards in Los Angeles.

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  • Directed by : Daniel Finkelman

Production by http://www.sparksnext.com

Music & Lyrics - Cecelia Margules

Produced & Screenplay by
Chaya Greenberg

Co-Directed and Editor
Aharon Orian

Local Producer
Chana Orian

Cinematographer - David Orian

Executive Producer - Ilan Goldstein

Executive Producer
Dr. Jeffery Weber
Dedicated to Martin & Helen Weber

Special Appearance by
Nissim Black

Gaffer - Zusha Kaplan
Line Producer - Mendy Cohen
Art & Wardrobe - Chana Orian
Post Production - OlamMedia JLM
Editor - Elisheva Cohen
Online Editor - Aharon Orian
Casting - Talya Taub
2nd Unit Cam (Gad) - Yosef Shelest

Music Produced by - Ian Freitor
Backup Vocals - Black Hebrews of Dimona
Backup Vocals Produced by - Oren Emanuel

Nir Dinur
David Shamir
Moria Akons
Aymos Ayno
Mila Tamozrati
Meny Klein
Rachel Zadok
Uri Sally
Israel Hillel

Travel by: Barry Kaye - Crown Travel
Accounting - Avi Keller

Israel Municipality Herbert Samuel Hotel

Graphics: HOSHEN Productions
Logo Design: Aharon Orian