About the project:

Once again superstar Lipa Schmeltzer is using his celebrity status as a springboard for the greater good, with the release of a music video that uses a hit song to promote solidarity among Jews worldwide, no matter what their background or religious leanings.

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  • Produced and Directed by : Danny Finkelman
  • Co-Directed by : Aaron Orian
  • Edited by : Michael Puro and Sean Sinderbrand

Director of photography Mauricio Arenas

Choreography by Zvika Bornstein

Assistant Director - Daniel Nethanelov

Production assistant - Ron Aharon

Executive Producers:
David Hager and Henry Orlinsky

"Mizrach" composed by Lipa

Musical Production - Naftali Schnitzler

Additional music production and mixing - Baba (Zohar) Burger and Nir Graf

Choir by MK

Casting by Zvika Bornstein


Ross Eliyahu
Roy Atar
Yheyser Kaos Diaz
Ron Weinstein
Dima Dementor
Yehoshua Dayan

Nachal Charedi coordinator: Aaron Katsof

Set photographer - Mendy Hechtman

Press release - Sandy Eller

Produced by SparksNext

In association with OlamMedia - Israel