About the project:

In a futuristic take on his hit song Hang Up The Phone from his blockbuster album Leap of Faith, superstar Lipa Schmeltzer teams up with producer and director Danny Finkelman to tackle our generation's ever growing infatuation with gadgets head on, in a music video that is equal parts science fiction and practical advice for today's technologically obsessed society.

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  • Produced by: Danny Finkelman
  • Directed by: Danny Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas

Director of photography
Mauricio Arenas

Edited by
Michael Puro
Sean Sinderbrand

Zvika Bornstein

Music production
Nir Graf and Baba Z. Buerger

Naftali Moshe Schnitzler

Special effects:
Filmdust studio -
Avrohom N. Kohn,
Tzvi Waldman

Simcha Squad Dancers:
Menachem Stein
Avi Warman
Nathan Bell
Mayer Singer
Isaac Mizrachi
Zevy Goldenberg
Alex Weissman

Child actors / dancers:
Dovid Moskovits
Yechiel Jacobs
Chezky Moskovits

Simon Luethi - AD
Lukas Bruchnik - Camera Operator
Tzvi Waldman - PA
Edimy Michel - PA
Eric Bejarano - Assistant Camera
Yosuke Hosoi - Gaffer
Gautam Kadian - Gaffer
Tony Voisin Set Photographer
Kelley Coleman - Make Up Artist
Shaun Gibson - Makeup Assistant:
Nicholas Behncke - Boom Operator
Alejandra Oyarce - Art Direction
Sandy Eller - Press release
Shea Kiss - Extra
Last scene was shot at Spoons

Thanks to the Buzz Superstor for it's location