About the project:

Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is literally on fire in his latest music video, titled Esh Shel Mashiach. Following on the heels of Elbaz's blockbuster single, Hashem Melech, released last summer, Esh Shel Mashiach is a feel-good song that reflects Elbaz's own passion for life and the infectious enthusiasm he spreads everywhere he goes.

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  • Director : Danny Finkelman
  • Producer: Shlomi Cohen
  • DP : Mauricio Arenas
  • Editor: Jason Chen

Assistant Producer: Meir Kalmenson
Concert producer: Tzvi Waldman
Concert footage directed by -
Yanky Teitelbaum

Special thanks to Brian Weiss and family

Tzvika Bornstein

Sponsored by Sushi Tokyo