About the project:

It's where upscale meets gourmet, where grocery shopping is transformed into an experience so joyous, you might just find yourself dancing down Breadberry’s carefully choreographed aisles.

This all new music video, starring superstar Gad Elbaz, captures the essence of Breadberry, a modern culinary paradise that has quickly become a favorite of customers of all types. Open Up, an original composition by Elbaz, is an upbeat and lighthearted reminder that all the goodness in our lives, even the food that we eat, is a divine gift to be treasured.

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  • Produced and Directed by : Daniel Finkelman
  • Executive Producer: : Clive NY
  • Director of Photograph: Brandon Pro
  • Camera Operator: Steven Tong
  • Graphics: Jesse Martinez
  • Catering: Breadberry
  • Special effects: Mendy Boaron