About the project:

Through all the ups and downs of childhood, the many milestone of life and the trials and tribulations of our everyday existence, there is no moment more poignant in any mother’s life than that of escorting her child to the chupah. In this all new video titled A Mother’s Dream, Gad Elbaz brings this most emotional experience to life as we share the tears of joy, the overwhelming happiness and the indescribable simcha that envelops every mother as she sees their greatest dream fulfilled.

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  • Director : Danny Finkelman

Produced and Directed by
Danny Finkelman

Music by
Cecelia Margules

Mauricio Arenas

Director of Photography
Alex Zingaro

Music Production
Eli Lishinsky and Nir Graf

Additional Music Arrangement
Shai Bachar

Casting Director
Zvika Bornstein

Edited by
Michael Puro

Line Producer
Kimberly DiPersia

Assistant Director
Samantha Santos

Camera Assistant
Brandon Pro

Focus Puller
Steven Tong

Jason Chen

Matthew Van Vorst

Key PA
Alejandro Marulanda

1st Team PA
Jenny Bousquet

David Ort

Yehudah Bencher

Shia Fried

Zev Blokh

Background Wrangler
Morena Pérez Joachin

Makeup Artists
Kelley Coleman
Shaun Tomg

Hair Style
Lauren Berrone

Wardrobe / Production Designer
Althea Berkowitz

Prop Master
Kimberly Dipersia

Associate Producer
Zvika Bornstein

Thanks to
Brian Weiss
"Helping the body heal itself"

Set Photographer
Itsik Roytman

Album photography
Sam Jacobs

Story consultants:
Rachel Margules
Shaindy Gottlieb

Chuppa and Flowers Design by

Hall and catering by
At The Sephardic Temple
Avi Abikzer
Additional location
Temple Beth El of Cedarhurst

By Nafshenu Orchestra
and Aaron Applebaum

Curtsey of Bridal Direct,
Brooklyn NY

Shlomi Cohen
Gad Elbaz Management
Zoab Entertainment

Sandy Eller

Groom - Adam Margules
Bride - Stav Livne
Father of the Groom - Aaron Applelbaum
Father of the bride - Zvika Bornstein
Mother of the groom - Heather Applebaum
Mother of the bride - Danielle Jacobs
Moshe Fetman
Yafa Fetman
Chedva Bornstein
Shuey Shaw
Althea berkowitz
Natali Carmet
Yechiel Jacobs
Yehuda Berger
Yehudah Shur
Alan Farago
Ari Cohen
Natali Carmel
Pnina Carmel
Ratzy Charach
Tehila Klein
Ester Leah Moskowitz
Isaac Roitman
Elisheva Lock
Rachel Margules
Sharona Silva
Shalom Zirkiev
Abigail Tamir
Yossi Pal
Shlomo Cohen
Victoria Zirk
Eli Levi
Sara Finkelman
Zalman Krause
Yossi Newman
Aryeh Lyampe
Ani Bellehsen
James Baylis
Isabel Neman
Ari Benjamin Hirsch
Caroline Levy
Jonathan Cohen
Shelly linado
Rebecca Ness