About the project:

In a stunning video that includes sweeping footage of the Old City of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is the voice of the Jewish people, expressing a longing for the day when Jerusalem will no longer be divided but will be a single united city.
Elbaz is joined by well known Israeli musician Meron Williams and the two walk the streets of the Old City, accompanied in song by Israelis of all ages who are eager to embrace the thriving Jewish communities that have begun to flourish all around the Kotel area.

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  • Produced and directed by: Daniel Finkelman
  • Produced and Co Directed by : Aharon Orian

Music composed by - Cecelia Margules
Music production by - Yitzchak Shemtov
Director of photography - David Orian
Associate Producer - Chaim Leibtag
Associate producer - David Ort
Focus puller - Naor Lev
Line producer - Mendy Cohen
PA - Yaakov Vlaskin
Makeup - Moran Friedner and Ariela Shimoni
Editor - Aharon Orian
Vocals recorded by - Ruli Ezrachi
Set Photographer - Meir Lavi
Camera Equipment - Fitussi camera services
Writer - Sandy Eller
Travel accommodations by - Barry at Crown travel

Management Gad Elbaz - Shlomi Cohen