About the project:

In the malaise of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Benaya, a young IDF solider from the settlement of Karnei Shomron, tragically lost his life. Shortly after his heroic death, his grieving mother found his private diary which he had written while traveling abroad with his unit in Poland.

In this Shadow Dance performance, Benaya, a young boy named after the fallen hero, recreates Benaya’s travels across Poland and creatively depicts the insights that propelled Benaya to fight for his homeland onto the Second Lebanon War.

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  • Director : Daniel Finkelman
  • Co Director: Aharon Orian
  • Producer and Screenwriter: Chaya Greenberg
  • Music written and composed by : Cecelia Margules & Rami Yadid

Local Producer - Chana Orian

Cinematographer - David Orian

Choreographer - Calude Dadia

Line Producer - Mendy Cohen

Post Production - OlamMedia JLM
Online - Aharon Orian
Offline - Elisheva Cohen
AE - David Orian

Performed by Benny Elbaz
Music Production - Daniel Kapler
Arrangement - Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor
Mix & Mastering - PlayMasters Studios
Vocals Recorded by Eli Lishinsky

Art - Mina Eisenstark
Gaffer - Zusha Kaplan
MUA - Niv Bogoslavsky
Casting - Talya Taub

Studio Stage & Camera Rental -
Sun Video TLV, Movie Mobile Israel

Branding & PR
Hoshen Productions, Shlomi Cohen

Soundman - Vadim Yagman
DP Interview - Yosef Shelest

Rotem Afod, Erez Kantor, Limor Peleg, Ofer Dota, Booni Chayat

Adam Cohen, Katia Rosenfeld, Oren Cohen, Or Algrisi, Omi Vinkor, Itai Koren

Special Thanks
Matnas Karnei Shomron
Dovi Rein
Tzvi Greenberg