About the project:

Living at a time when bad news comes all too often from Israel and senseless deaths have left so many traumatized and grieving, Jews worldwide have been shaken to the core and struggle to comprehend the unthinkable violence and bloodshed that have snuffed out so many promising lives. Yet even during difficult times we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Father in heaven loves us and await our cries for his compassion.

In this all new music video titled Avinu, Gad Elbaz eloquently and poignantly gives voice to the plea that is in all of our hearts, as we ask for divine protection and the peace that continues to elude us.

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  • Directed and Edited by : Daniel Finkelman
  • Music and Lyrics : Cecelia Margules

Co Directed by Aharon Orian
Cinematography NY - Mauricio Arenas
Cinematography Tel Aviv - David Orian
AC Marco Vitale
Coloring - Elliot O'dea
Script - Royce Brown
DIT - Jessica Bookout
Gad Elbaz management and PR - Shlomi Cohen

Starring - Adam Margules