Ani Maamin - Shlomo Carlebach feat. Eli Levin

Through the magic of video, the iconic Shlomo Carlebach and contemporary singer Eli Levin join together in an unforgettable music video titled Ani Maamin, transporting viewers to the streets of Jerusalem where the eternal promise of redemption hovers tantalizingly in the air.

Released 50 years after the surprise Yom Kippur attack on Israel, Ani Maamin shows Carlebach roaming Jerusalem with his guitar, using his unique gift of music to give shattered Israelis hope during the 19 day-long war. Featuring previously unreleased vocals of Carlebach beautifully blended in an updated arrangement with Levin, who retraces Carlebach’s steps, Ani Maamin captures our national longing for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, a theme that resonates just as strongly today as it did in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War.

Ani Maamin was composed by Cecelia Margules, one of several songs written by the veteran songster that were recorded by Carlebach. Being able to introduce Carlebach’s music and his incredible love for every Jew to a new generation is particularly meaningful to Margules, as is being able to convey the heightened emotion that engulfed Jews worldwide as Israel was attacked on the holiest day of the year.

A SparksNext production directed by Daniel Finkelman, Ani Maamin was co-directed by Aharon Orian and arranged by Doni Gross. Filled with joy, exuberance and the unwavering knowledge that our hearts lie in Jerusalem, Ani Maamin is simultaneously contemporary and centuries-old, a musical expression of hope and optimism that spans the ages.

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  • Directed by : Daniel Finkelman
  • Co Directed by : Aharon Orian
  • Composed by : Cecelia Margules
  • Producer (Israel) : Chana Orian
  • Producer (US): Chaya Amor
  • DP: David Orian
  • Music produced by: Doni Gross

Directed by Daniel Finkelman

Co Directed by Aharon Orian
Produced by Chana Orian
US Producer Chaya Amor

Song Composed by Cecelia Margules
Music Produced by Doni Gross
Cover Design: GRAPHIC - NADAV

Cinematographer - David Orian
Production in Israel - OlamMedia
Post Production by JLM Olammedia
Editor Aviya Natan
Compositing - Michael Kimmel
Online - Aharon Orian and Elisheva Atlan

1st AC - Naor Lev
Gaffer - Miki Berdugo
Best Boy - Itay Askal
Art Director - Avigail Gur
Makeup - Revital Cohen
MUA Assistant - Shay Harpaz
Hair - Ruti Haimson
Wardrobe assistant - Michal Philip
Art Crew - Liav Lucas, Nave Bermson
Camping - Melody
Camping manager - Zur Chadashi, Refael Deri
PA: David Ort, Natan Magali
Camera and Lighting: UTOPIA
Casting: Take 2
TLV Live
Tami Lichtiger, Yuval Elimelech

Transportation -
Eli Halfon
Yossi Nesher

Art Rental: Studio 2, Hen Ohayon
Security - Alon Ohayon
Travel - Rafi Batashvili
Accounting - Avi Keller
Insurance - David Shani

Special thanks to:
C. Lanzbom

PR: Shlomi Cohen
Hoshen Media Group LLC