About the project:

In honor of his upcoming marriage, well known wedding singer Shimmy Engel teams up with Israeli powerhouse Yishai Lapidot to release a music video of Lapidot's touching Aleh Katan.
Shimmy has been entertaining audiences for over six years with a combination of heartwarming vocals and an infectious energy that is hard to resist.

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  • Director (NY): Danny Finkelman
  • Director (Israel) : Aaron Orian
  • Director of photography (NY): Mauricio Arenas
  • Director of photography (Israel) : Amir Reshfon

Produced by - Sparks Productions (NY)
OlamMedia (Israel)

Produced by Avrumele & Shimele (Friedman Twins)

Script by Tzippy Finkelman
Yiddish lyrics by Motty Ilowitz
Musical production: Ruli Ezrachi
Saxophone - Avrumy Bash
Drums - Gal Gershovsky
Guitars - Nachman Dryer
Mix by Ron Tichon

Edited by - Massimo Crapanzano
Steadycam Operator - Ivan Cortazar
Focus puller - Eric Bejarano
1st assistant camera - Simon luethi
Production assistant - Kim Schneider, Alejandro Marulanda, Yosuke Hosoi


Joel Brach, Meir B Schwartz, R' Nuta Weinberger, Shlome Lowy, Tzvi R, Menashe Dee, Avrumy Langer, Yanky Wertzberger, Hillel Fischer, Mendy Wertzberger, Heshy Kraus, Yoely Boy, Nussy Altman, Shlome Gombo, Shragy Gombo, Feter Moshe, Gedalia R.

Thanks to Chaim Solomon Nursing home
Fishel lipshitz
Blue Dish Caffe
Sruly Meyer
Sandy Eller
Big man cellular

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