About the project:

A JEWISH STAR reality series: Auditions: Episode 1
With judges: Lipa Schmeltzer, Yehudah Solomon, Yeedle Werdyger.
Hosted by MODI

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  • Produced and Directed by: Danny Finkelman

Executive producers: Yossi Soffer and Mica Soffer
AJS Chairman: Chezky Kaufteil

Director of photography: Sean Sinderbrand
Editor: Michael Puro
Music supervisor: Ruli Ezrachi
Art Director: Mauricio Arenas
Technical producer: Tzvi Waldman
Associate producer: Yonit Tanenbaum
Assistant director: Bentzy Plotkin
Production assistant: Yisroel New
Production assistant: Dalia Shusterman
Production assistant: Yaakov Hellinger
Runners: Shlomie Hecht and Srolik Neuwirth
Grip: Ron Aharon
Sound recordist: Michael Puro
Sound recordist: Artem Kulakov
Sound engineer and track recording: Rubin Nizri
Lighting: Yan Vainblat and Jimmy Yeret
Assistant editors:
Daphne Yeager Ostendorf
Bianca Zanini
Massimo Crapanzano

Camera operators:
Simon Luethi
Massimo Crapanzano
Mauricio Arenas
Chi Yu
Edimy Michel

Makeup: Esty Pruss
Shot at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center

Songs (in order of appearance):

"I want to be" NACHAS
"Believe in a miracle" Lipa Schmeltzer
"G-d bless the USA" NACHAS
"Return" Yeedle
"Shabbos Yerusholaim" Miami Boys Choir
"Nisht Im Shabbos Geret" Lipa Schmeltzer
"Tzav" Adi Ran
"Mi Ze Melech" Piamenta
"Keshoshana Bain Hachochim" Yeedle
"Nisbia" Choni G.