About the project:

Meir Goldberg continues to breathe new life into the classics of yesteryear updated for a new generation, this time taking on “A Chazandel Oif Shabbos,” previously sung by Jan Peerce and other cantoral greats.

“A Chazandel Oif Shabbos” tells the story of a cantor visiting a town for Shabbos, and the three most prominent men in the town: a tailor, a blacksmith and a wagon driver, insist on having the chazan audition for them prior to letting him lead services. Each of the three gives the cantor rave reviews in their own vernacular, comparing his performance favorably to the sounds of their own profession.

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  • Produced and edited by : Daniel Finkelman
  • DP: Mauricio Arenas

DIT / Line Producer - Royce Brown
Music arranged by - Yaron Gershovsky
Actors / Musicians - Michael Gutenberg, Numa Kats and Alex Arisimov.
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