Opening Night

Opening Night, a powerful drama featuring the legendary Dudu Fisher, is the story of Mark, an Auschwitz survivor, who struggles valiantly to come to terms with the past he tried to forget while attempting to reconnect with his adult son. Set in 1971, the film offers glimpses of 1939 Poland including Mark’s family and his former career as a performer, both cruelly annihilated by the Nazis. Mark finally triumphs over his decades old internal conflict and, buoyed by the love and support of his family, churns out the performance of a lifetime.
Music by Cecelia Margules
Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next Opening Night is a moving film that gives a heart wrenching portrayal of an emotionally tormented Holocaust survivor finally making peace with the past that he buried in order to move on with his future.

Score by Cecelia Margules

Starring Adam Margules and Janice Hall

Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman

Cinematography Mauricio Arenas

DP Nicolas Grill