“The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

As the days go by, their numbers begin to dwindle with all too few survivors left to share their stories. Their sagas are incomprehensible, too painful to endure, and yet despite overwhelming adversity, they triumphed over the greatest horror ever known to mankind by rebuilding the shattered remnants of their lives. Each and every survivor is a true hero, a precious treasure holding the key that links our past to our future. Who will tell over their stories when the last survivor is gone?

The Last Survivor is an epic production, directed by Daniel Finkelman and produced by Cecelia Margules while capturing the stories of these crucial links to our tenuous past. Some may be weathered while others glisten gracefully, yet all are vital to the existence of the Jewish people. Now in their golden years, these last survivors are passing the torch to us, making us responsible to transmit our legacy to our children, our grandchildren and for generations to come, so that even after they are gone, their stories will live on forever.

The film that is still in progress will be featured at the “Last Survivor” annual Holocaust survivor gathering in Las Vegas on December 13th at the Venetian Hotel and will be followed by an historic tribute concert with Dudu Fisher
At the event some of the survivors participating in the film will be present.

Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Executive Producer – Cecelia Margules
Directors of Photography – Mauricio Arenas, Aaron Orian
Sound – Michael Puro
Editors – Michael Puro and Brandon Pro
Graphics – Massimo Crapanzano
Writer – Sandy Eller