“GOD IS NOT DEAD” by Dr. Moshe Finkelman

A scholar and a thinker, Dr. Moshe Finkelman emerges as an expert on Jewish faith in his book God Is Not Dead: Man’s Pursuit of Faith in Judaism. For the first time since the eighteenth-century’s The Path of the Upright of Ramhal, there is a book that describes a system of growth in faith, from the initial level to the ultimate level of knowledge of God, leading to closeness to God. Dr. Finkelman gradually and convincingly takes the reader through steps of growth in faith, leaving no argument unsettled and no subject unexplained. God Is Not Dead: Man’s Pursuit of Faith in Judaism conveys messages that resonate with the worldview of a contemporary believer. Finkelman’s system of growth in faith gives anyone the ability to create a bond with God. It offers Jews of every level of commitment a clear and accessible path to deepen his or her faith, and to do so by mastering it as the art form that it truly is. Presented as an easy-to-grasp actionable process, this system of growth in faith was inspired by the author’s personal religious evolution. He draws mainly from religious and philosophical sources of Judaism, including the teachings of the twelfth-century Jewish philosopher Maimonides, the principles of the eighteenth-century scholar Ramhal, and the beliefs of Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the twentieth-century Israeli intellectual, a leading authority on Jewish faith. The work is further enlivened with anecdotes about both historic figures and everyday people alike. Providing a compelling, achievable blueprint for growth in faith, this fascinating work serves as a timely, essential contribution to contemporary Judaism. For more information please visit the author’s website at www.god-is-not-dead.com