Ckids – Chanukah

Want to feel the Chanukah vibe? Watch this, and you’ll experience an outpouring of positive energy from the sweetest Jewish kids, around the world. Before you know it you’ll be “breakin’ it down” too! This year is no ordinary year; the Torah calls it “hakhel,” a year when Jews are instructed to unite as one. That’s what these Chabad Hebrew Schools are doing. The same dance, everywhere, expressing their pride as Jews and their love for Torah! Take a dance break and unite this Chanukah! Am Yisrael Chai!

Starring Gad Elbaz
Produced by Daniel Finkelman
Director of Photography – Marco Vitale and Mauricio Arenas
Music Produced by Steve Levi
Management by Shlomi Cohen
Line Producer – Jessica Bookout
PA – Christian McLaren