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  • Silver Lining – trailer

    Silver Lining – trailer

    Each year we mourn the destruction of the Bais Hakmikdash, but there is no doubt that from our vantage point in current society, where we live comfortably and enjoy religious freedom, it is difficult to mourn the loss of something that we never personally experienced. Is the loss of our holy temple nothing more than a sad chapter in the annals of history that we commemorate each year? Or even now, centuries later, is it something that truly has a […]

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  • “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    As the days go by, their numbers begin to dwindle with all too few survivors left to share their stories. Their sagas are incomprehensible, too painful to endure, and yet despite overwhelming adversity, they triumphed over the greatest horror ever known to mankind by rebuilding the shattered remnants of their lives. Each and every survivor is a true hero, a precious treasure holding the key that links our past to our future. Who will tell over their stories when the […]

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    Israel Day Concert 2015 May 31st 2015 Starring Alex Claire Gad Elbaz Lipa Shloime Dachs Steve Lucas Special Guest Speakers: Gov. Mike Huckabee Ambassador John Bolton Education Minister Naftali Bennett MK Danny Danon Celebrity Host: Nachum Segal Zvika Bornstein Also Staring: Israel Alliel Avraham Rosenblum Tal Vaknin Chaim Kiss Aryeh Pollack Shlomi Aharoni Broadway Youth Ensemble Izzy Kiefer Born Kids Sunday May 31st from 2:30 – 7:30pm Free admission for all. Located in central park summer stage. At Rumsey Playfield […]

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  • “GOD IS NOT DEAD” by Dr. Moshe Finkelman

    “GOD IS NOT DEAD” by Dr. Moshe Finkelman

    A scholar and a thinker, Dr. Moshe Finkelman emerges as an expert on Jewish faith in his book God Is Not Dead: Man’s Pursuit of Faith in Judaism. For the first time since the eighteenth-century’s The Path of the Upright of Ramhal, there is a book that describes a system of growth in faith, from the initial level to the ultimate level of knowledge of God, leading to closeness to God. Dr. Finkelman gradually and convincingly takes the reader through […]

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  • JCW Trailer “Speak Up”

    JCW Trailer “Speak Up”

    Jewish Community Watch gives a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary short coming soon. 7 brave survivors from the Orthodox Jewish community come forward to share their stories and give hope to survivors. For more information about Jewish Community Watch’s relaunch and to donate today, please visit: http://www.jewishcommunitywatch.org

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  • Israel Day Concert 2014 – Promo

    Show solidarity as we stand UNITED FOR JERUSALEM Come join the concert of the century! At the Israel Day Concert on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 2:30 – 7:30pm At Central Park SummerStage (Rumsey Playfield) Starring: Gad Elbaz, Lipa, Benny Friedman, Edon, Shloime Dachs, Michael Elias, Ari Lesser, Nachas, Elron Zabatani, Meir Goldberg, Shabi Soffer, Chaim Kiss, Broadway Youth Ensemble, Born dancers, Simcha Squad, Yaakov Rostein, Meir Kalmenson Hosts: Nachum Segal, Zvika Bornstein FREE ADMISSION

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  • “Opening Night” Trailer

    “Opening Night” Trailer

    Set in 1971, a Holocaust survivor tries to reconstruct his relationship with his son and his past as he takes on the main role in an off-Broadway show. Sparks Next Productions With Dudu Fisher, Adam Margules, Janice Hall, Nora Liebman Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman Executive Producer – Cecelia Margules Cinematography by Mauricio Arenas Editor Michael Puro Director of Photography – Nicolas gril Screenplay – Alex Kohn and Michael Puro Story by Sam Fischler and Daniel Finkelman Music and […]

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  • The Kristallnacht Commemoration

    The Kristallnacht Commemoration

    Cecelia Margules presents – THE KRISTALLNACHT COMMEMORATION Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 7:30 pm 5th Ave Synagogue 5 E 62nd st. New York, NY Presented by Cecelia Margules Emunah of America And the Jossi Berger Holocaust study center Featuring Zalman Krause Michael Elias Peter David Musical Director: Rami Yadid “Promise me” Written by cecelia Margules Performed by Zalman Krause Musical Producer Eli Lishinsky

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  • Jewish Kids Got Talent 4 Trailer

    Jewish Kids Got Talent 4 Trailer

    Published on Sep 11, 2013 To submit your talent, go to: http://www.Jewishkidsgottalent.com A project of Tzivos Hashem – Jewish Children International in collaboration with Chabad.org and Chabad houses all across the globe, Jewish Kids Got Talent is open to children ages five through fourteen, as the competition is designed to allow as many children as possible to have their moment in the spotlight, no matter where their innate abilities may lie, by dividing the contest into three distinct categories. The […]

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  • Jewish Star Auditions – Tutorial with host MODI

    Jewish Star Auditions – Tutorial with host MODI

    Published on Feb 15, 2013 MODI, host of the Jewish Star international singing competition / Reality show, explains how to register for the auditions online. LIVE AUDITIONS in front of the judges on February 17th and 18th At the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 60 West End Ave, Brooklyn NY www.ajewishstar.com Facebook.com/JewishStar In association with The National Council of Young Israel Judges are rotating and include: Lipa, Gad Elbaz, Yeedle, Yossi Green, and Yehuda Solomon. Produced by Danny Finkelman Executive producers: Yossi […]

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