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  • Silverstein Hebrew Academy

    Silverstein Hebrew Academy

    Produced and edited by Danny Finkelman DP Mauricio Arenas Sound Pablo Gho Gho DIT Royce Brown Music by- Erez Lev Ari “Or” Gad Elbaz

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  • CJ and Simone

    CJ and Simone

    Chaim Yossi and Simone Gruner – Guests of honor at the 2015 annual dinner by the Shtieble in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn Produced and edited – Daniel Finkelman DP – Brandon Pro Sound – Michael Puro PA / DIT – Royce Brown

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  • Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal – 2015

    Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal – 2015

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  • Afterbirth


    Postpartum depression is a real and pervasive problem but too often remains invisible. This is Rachel’s story. A special presentation for the S.P.A.R.K.S. annual dinner 2015 For more information – www.sparkscenter.org Directed by Daniel Finkelman DP – Mauricio Arenas Sound – Grady Christpher Writer – Royce Brown Cast: Jeri Silverman and Ari Benjamin Hirsch Special thanks to – Esther Kenigsberg Miri Stern Suri Frankel

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    Israel Day Concert 2015 May 31st 2015 Starring Alex Claire Gad Elbaz Lipa Shloime Dachs Steve Lucas Special Guest Speakers: Gov. Mike Huckabee Ambassador John Bolton Education Minister Naftali Bennett MK Danny Danon Celebrity Host: Nachum Segal Zvika Bornstein Also Staring: Israel Alliel Avraham Rosenblum Tal Vaknin Chaim Kiss Aryeh Pollack Shlomi Aharoni Broadway Youth Ensemble Izzy Kiefer Born Kids Sunday May 31st from 2:30 – 7:30pm Free admission for all. Located in central park summer stage. At Rumsey Playfield […]

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  • Your Friendly Pharmacist – sizzle reel

    Your Friendly Pharmacist – sizzle reel

    Your Friendly Pharmacist is a docu-reality project revolving around several cast members working at Echo Pharmacy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and sometimes their lives outside of it. We all get our rx’s filled at pharmacies, but do we really know what goes on behind the counter? A So Real? Entertainment Presentation Created, Directed & Produced by Dave Broitman Executive Produced by Lev Rivkin Co-Produced by Eric Vargas, Danny Finkelman & Brendan Boettler Editing & Music Supervision by Brendan Boettler Starring […]

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  • Girl Secrets

    Girl Secrets

    Presenting Judaism’s refreshing view on womanhood and sexuality- in a way that is understandable and relatable to women and teenage girls of all walks of life – Jewish Bride Institute hopes to inspire and educate through short films and other formats easily accessible to the masses. Please sit back and enjoy our latest brainchild film titled “Girl Secrets”, that highlights the intrinsic connection between modesty and intimacy, and tell us what you think by leaving feedback below… For women and […]

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  • Israel Day Concert 2015 promo

    Israel Day Concert 2015 promo

    Get ready for biggest Jewish music concert of the year On May 31, 2015 in Central Park NYC Video by Sparks Next Directed by Zvika Bornstein Produced by Daniel Finkelman DP Daniel Ayzenmesser and Massimo Crapanzano Sound recording by Michael Puro Itay Kalderon ft. Gad Elbaz “Jerusalem” (Club Mix)

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  • Challenge: Make a New Yorker Smile! ( Not an easy task )

    Challenge: Make a New Yorker Smile! ( Not an easy task )

    Published on Mar 18, 2015 Happiness: we’re making an app for that! The key to happiness is making other people happy and we’re making it fun to get happy. here’s how: 1. Do something funny to make someone, anyone, so happy that they smile. 2. Take a picture or short video of you both smiling together or even just of them smiling. 3. Share the happiness #goodappchallenge 4. Tag them, now they have 24 hours to pay it forward and […]

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  • Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz הבה נגילה – גד אלבז

    Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz הבה נגילה – גד אלבז

    בימוי דני פינקלמן – Sparks Next מילים – צביקה בורנשטיין לחן – גד אלבז עיבודים והפקה מוזיקלית – רובי פייר, עידו נמר, וגד אלבז גיטרות – שמעון יחיא חצוצרות – עדי מאירי קלידים ותכנותיים – רובי פאייר מיקס ומאסטרינג – אורן עמנואל וידאו קליפ בימוי והפקה – וידאו קליפ – דני פינקלמן – Sparks Next במאי שני – אהרון אוריין – עולם ומלואו כוריאגרף ומפיק – צביקה בורנשטיין כוריאגרפיה – דניאל ווזויק מפיק מקומי – אלי אילוז ניהול והפקה – […]

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