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  • Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    לרגל הארוע המיוחד של חנוכת הבית בישיבת עטרת שלמה והכנסת 7 ספרי תורה לזכר שבעת הרועים- ראשי ישיבת טעלז לדורותיה, הופק סרט מרגש ומיוחד המציג את העבר המפואר של ממלכת טעלז בתפארתה. במקביל נחשף תיעוד מרגש והסטורי של בנין הישיבה העתיק בעיר טעלז שבליטא, וברגעים מרטיטים מתואר מעמד קידוש ה’ הנשגב של בני הקהילה ובני הישיבה שהוצאו להורג בימי הזעם. משם עובר הסרט ועוקב אחרי התקומה הבלתי נתפסת בהקמת ישיבת עטרת שלמה בארץ ישראל, כשהשיא בצילומים מרהיבים של רגעי לימוד […]

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  • Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal 2016

    Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal 2016

    Produced by Morty Silber Directed by Danny Finkelman DP Sawyer Purman Sound Ben Anderson

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  • Almost Close – A Jerusalem Chai documentary

    Almost Close – A Jerusalem Chai documentary

    the video brings to light the work of the American Friends of Ateret Cohanim which has supported the efforts of Ateret Cohanim in Israel to renew the once thriving communities of the Old Jewish Quarter, today called the Muslim and Christian Quarters. American Friends seeks to strengthen the Jewish presence in these areas by providing for the social, emotional and security needs of those families and students who live in and around the Old City. These Israelis, who have chosen […]

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  • Shine a Little Light

    Shine a Little Light

    “Shine a Little Light” – Written & Composed by Yitzi Hurwitz Original vocals and guitar by Yitzi at the opening and closing of the song. Recorded on Yitzi’s cell phone in 2008. Watch Yitzi’s story: “Behind the song” https://youtu.be/vpLawri0pOY You can help Yitzi and his family shine a little light by giving what you can at http://www.hurwitzfamilyfund.com To read Yitzi’s inspiring weekly blog please visit http://yitzihurwitz.blogspot.com Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shi… Chords: //// //// //// // // D A G D […]

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  • Gad Elbaz and Nissim – Hashem Melech 2.0

    Gad Elbaz and Nissim – Hashem Melech 2.0

    In an exuberant explosion of music, Israeli legend Gad Elbaz joins forces with rapper Nissim Black as the two take to the streets of New York City proclaiming Hashem’s eternal majesty. GAD ELBAZ & NISSIM – Hashem Melech 2.0 —- Go to www.HashemMelech.com to join a crowdfunding campaign for the family of a recent terrorist victim and get a free download of Hashem Melech 2.0 —- Lyrics By — From prayer, Nissim Black, Moshe Friedman Music Producers — Robot Jox, […]

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  • Good deeds for Heshy – 25 years to Chabad of Seagate

    Good deeds for Heshy – 25 years to Chabad of Seagate

    On December 15th, 2015 – Chabad of Seagate NY celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, the evening was a special tribute to all community members who have made resolutions and prayed for the full recovery of R’ Heshy Ceitlin, a son in law of Rabbi and Mrs. Brikman – Shluchim to Seagate. This video was screened at the event. Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP Marco Vitale Sound / DIT – Dovid Ort

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  • Rainbow in the Night

    Rainbow in the Night

    Seventy two years have elapsed since the German invasion of Poland and as time progresses, the number of people who can recount the stories of the atrocities that occurred during the darkest period in our history continues to grow smaller and smaller. As the voices of those who survived World War II weaken with age, those who deny the Holocaust are becoming more and more vocal as they spread their malicious lies worldwide. While Steven Spielberg’s epic film Schindler’s List […]

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  • Ckids –  Chanukah

    Ckids – Chanukah

    Want to feel the Chanukah vibe? Watch this, and you’ll experience an outpouring of positive energy from the sweetest Jewish kids, around the world. Before you know it you’ll be “breakin’ it down” too! This year is no ordinary year; the Torah calls it “hakhel,” a year when Jews are instructed to unite as one. That’s what these Chabad Hebrew Schools are doing. The same dance, everywhere, expressing their pride as Jews and their love for Torah! Take a dance […]

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  • JNet: Meet Julia

    JNet: Meet Julia

    Net Matchathon Video 5776 Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP Mauricio Arenas Sound Pablo Gho Gho DIT Jessica Bookout

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  • “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    As the days go by, their numbers begin to dwindle with all too few survivors left to share their stories. Their sagas are incomprehensible, too painful to endure, and yet despite overwhelming adversity, they triumphed over the greatest horror ever known to mankind by rebuilding the shattered remnants of their lives. Each and every survivor is a true hero, a precious treasure holding the key that links our past to our future. Who will tell over their stories when the […]

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