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  • 770 – Seven Seventy

    770 – Seven Seventy

    Visiting NY? There’s one stop you don’t want to miss! מבקרים בניו יורק? יש תחנה אחת שאסור לכם לפספס… Directed by Aharon Orian Produced by Daniel Finkelman Cinematographer – Lael Utnik Script – David Orian and Aharon orian Starring – Adam Margules and Jeri Silverman Editor – Aharon Orian Content coordinator – Yossi Tanis Script supervisor- Mendi Taler Script consultants – Amos Cohen, Shneor Chaviv, Yechiel Garelik, and Mendy Ekselrod Rabbinical consultant – Rabbi Yossi Ginzburg AD – Royce Brown […]

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  • American Friends of Sderot

    American Friends of Sderot

    2017 dinner presentation for American Friends of Sderot Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP David Orian Sound Vadim Yugman AD Mendy Cohen

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  • Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    לרגל הארוע המיוחד של חנוכת הבית בישיבת עטרת שלמה והכנסת 7 ספרי תורה לזכר שבעת הרועים- ראשי ישיבת טעלז לדורותיה, הופק סרט מרגש ומיוחד המציג את העבר המפואר של ממלכת טעלז בתפארתה. במקביל נחשף תיעוד מרגש והסטורי של בנין הישיבה העתיק בעיר טעלז שבליטא, וברגעים מרטיטים מתואר מעמד קידוש ה’ הנשגב של בני הקהילה ובני הישיבה שהוצאו להורג בימי הזעם. משם עובר הסרט ועוקב אחרי התקומה הבלתי נתפסת בהקמת ישיבת עטרת שלמה בארץ ישראל, כשהשיא בצילומים מרהיבים של רגעי לימוד […]

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  • Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal 2016

    Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal 2016

    Produced by Morty Silber Directed by Danny Finkelman DP Sawyer Purman Sound Ben Anderson

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  • Good deeds for Heshy – 25 years to Chabad of Seagate

    Good deeds for Heshy – 25 years to Chabad of Seagate

    On December 15th, 2015 – Chabad of Seagate NY celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, the evening was a special tribute to all community members who have made resolutions and prayed for the full recovery of R’ Heshy Ceitlin, a son in law of Rabbi and Mrs. Brikman – Shluchim to Seagate. This video was screened at the event. Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP Marco Vitale Sound / DIT – Dovid Ort

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  • Ckids –  Chanukah

    Ckids – Chanukah

    Want to feel the Chanukah vibe? Watch this, and you’ll experience an outpouring of positive energy from the sweetest Jewish kids, around the world. Before you know it you’ll be “breakin’ it down” too! This year is no ordinary year; the Torah calls it “hakhel,” a year when Jews are instructed to unite as one. That’s what these Chabad Hebrew Schools are doing. The same dance, everywhere, expressing their pride as Jews and their love for Torah! Take a dance […]

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  • JNet: Meet Julia

    JNet: Meet Julia

    Net Matchathon Video 5776 Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP Mauricio Arenas Sound Pablo Gho Gho DIT Jessica Bookout

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  • Silverstein Hebrew Academy

    Silverstein Hebrew Academy

    Produced and edited by Danny Finkelman DP Mauricio Arenas Sound Pablo Gho Gho DIT Royce Brown Music by- Erez Lev Ari “Or” Gad Elbaz

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  • Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal – 2015

    Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal – 2015

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  • Afterbirth


    Postpartum depression is a real and pervasive problem but too often remains invisible. This is Rachel’s story. A special presentation for the S.P.A.R.K.S. annual dinner 2015 For more information – www.sparkscenter.org Directed by Daniel Finkelman DP – Mauricio Arenas Sound – Grady Christpher Writer – Royce Brown Cast: Jeri Silverman and Ari Benjamin Hirsch Special thanks to – Esther Kenigsberg Miri Stern Suri Frankel

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