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  • Zalman Krause – Open The Door – Official music video

    Zalman Krause – Open The Door – Official music video

    In a recent journey to Italy, 21-year-old Zalman Krause takes on the streets of ancient Rome while being inspired by his surroundings Krause, a singer/songwriter from Morristown, NJ, has been named the “Jack Johnson of Jewish music”, and is known for his soulful vocals and trademark guitar finger-picking style. Zalman has recently been signed to Infidel Artists, LLC, a label of the illustrious Water Music Studios. “I named the song – ‘Open the door’”, says Zalman, “as it’s a term […]

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  • “My Yiddishe Mama” Meir Goldberg feat. Brooklyn Mentality

    “My Yiddishe Mama” Meir Goldberg feat. Brooklyn Mentality

    Uploaded on Oct 15, 2013 In his debut music video, Meir Goldberg offers a new twist on the classic English-Yiddish song, My Yiddishe Mama, infusing the 1920’s musical gem both with his own talents and a flavor that manages to be both hip and touching. Goldberg follows in the footsteps of some of the greatest musical talents of the last century, including Yossele Rosenblatt, Sophie Tucker, the Barry Sisters, Leo Fuld, Itzhak Perlman, Tom Jones and Neil Sedaka, tackling a […]

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  • Chaim Gold “Vehaavatcha” ״ואהבתך״ חיים גולד

    Chaim Gold “Vehaavatcha” ״ואהבתך״ חיים גולד

    בעקבות טיול משפחתי בוינה, אוסטריה של חיים גולד, מוסיקאי ירושלמי בן 27, נוצר קליפ על שירו החדש ״ואהבתך״ אותו שמע, התלהב, וצילם המפיק דני פינקלמן גולד, מגלם את עצמו כתייר בוינה שמחפש מקור השראה בעוד הוא שר ומשמח יהודים אותם הוא פוגש בדרך ״ההשפעות שלי במוסיקה״ אומר חיים גולד ״הם קודם כל רוק משובח, ניגוני חב״ד וברסלב, וקרליבך כמובן״ גולד שמוכר מאוד בברנז׳ה של המוזיקאים הדתיים, החל לאחרונה לעבוד על אלבום שכולו חומר מקורי אותו הוא מלחין כותב ושר. אפשר […]

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  • NACHAS – Tzur Yisrael

    NACHAS – Tzur Yisrael

    Published on May 19, 2013 Official Music video by NACHAS performing Tzur Yisrael Feat. Dj Yitzy Wadiche Download this song and more music by NACHAS at www.nachasmusic.com Music produced and arranged by Ruli Ezrach Composed by NACHAS and Ruli Ezrachi Directed by Danny Finkelman DP Mauricio Arenas Appearance by DJ Yitzy Wadiche Mixed by Larry Gates Thanks to Chaim Yarden from Golden Eye Optical Pizza Time Gumbo’s bakery DJ Yitzy Wadiche Dalia Luria

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  • “Tzama Lecha Nafshi” Gad Elbaz ״צמאה לך נפשי״ גד אלבז

    “Tzama Lecha Nafshi” Gad Elbaz ״צמאה לך נפשי״ גד אלבז

    צמאה לך נפשי, כמה לך בשרי בארץ ציה ועייף, בלי מים כן בקודש חזיתיך לראות עוזך וכבודך In honor of the upcoming annual Kinus Hashluchim, Israeli singing sensation Gad Elbaz has joined forces with noted filmmaker Danny Finkelman in a moving clip that depicts the Jewish soul’s longing for its Creator. Elbaz’s haunting rendition of the Lubavitcher’s Rebbe Tzama Lecha Nafishi serves as the catalyst for a young Jewish man to seek out his roots as he listens to the […]

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  • MEIR GOLDBERG “Amar Amar”

    MEIR GOLDBERG “Amar Amar”

    Once again, talented singer Meir Goldberg takes on a classic of yesteryear, this time with Amar Amar, a remake of Moishe Oysher’s Amar Rabbi Elazar. With a unique style that pays homage to the cantors of the golden ages while simultaneously keeping his vocals timely and fresh, Goldberg’s considerable talents shine in this, his second music video. The son of a cantor, Goldberg grew up in Tel Aviv, surrounded by musical legends Cantor Moshe Stern and Cantor David Bagley. Having […]

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  • “Nisbia” Official Music Video – Choni G.

    “Nisbia” Official Music Video – Choni G.

    Published on Jan 9, 2013 Choni Goldman, winner of the title Jewish Star of 2012, has released his first music video which was filmed in the oceanside Brooklyn neighborhood of Brighton Beach. Produced by Danny Finkelman, the clip shows Goldman bringing a hopeful message to an area still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy not long ago. With the Atlantic Ocean in the background, Goldman sings “Nisbiah,” the song composed especially for him by musical talent Eli Gerstner as […]

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