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  • “Kids of Courage” New York Boys Choir feat. Dovid Moskovits

    “Kids of Courage” New York Boys Choir feat. Dovid Moskovits

    Published on Jun 19, 2012 New York Boys Choir, one of the freshest sounds on the Jewish music scene, under the guidance of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, and film producer Danny Finkelman join forces with Kids of Courage, the famed volunteer organization that turns the dreams of children with serious medical conditions into reality by providing them with medically supervised trips, weekends and other events. The song, Kids of Courage, is an all new composition written by Yitzy Bald for this […]

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  • Bentzi Marcus and Dovid Dachs – ‘Yedid Nefesh’

    Uploaded on Nov 30, 2011 This music video shows exclusive footage from Rubashkin’s Game Plan, the long awaited documentary film focusing both on the Rubashkin case and dual reaction of anger and solidarity from the Jewish community following the harsh sentence handed down in the case. The video, titled Yedid Nefesh, features an original composition by Danny Finkelman performed by Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day and Dovid Dachs. Yedid Nefesh features footage of the events that led up to the miscarriage […]

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  • NACHAS – Badaboom נחת – בדבום

    NACHAS – Badaboom נחת – בדבום

    Produced by Danny Finkelman Music by Ruli Ezrachi Photography and Art – Mauricio Arenas 2nd Camera – Nicolas Gril After effects – Massimo Crapanzano Co Producer – Meir Kalmenson Choreography – DJ Nesher Consultant – Yossi Newman Lighting – MLP Cameo – Describe Cameo – Zalman Krause Dancers: Boruch Hahn Meir Hahn Menachem Benarroch Meir kalmenson DJ Nesher Thanks to EyeQ Optical Thanks Rabbi Note Shemtov The ALIYA Institute Thanks Menny Boaron Yitzy Wadiche Chaim Mizrachi Halel Harel Shmuel Fischler […]

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  • Gad Elbaz “A Mother’s Dream” – גד אלבז- עם סגולה

    Gad Elbaz “A Mother’s Dream” – גד אלבז- עם סגולה

    לאורך כל תקופת הילדות, שנות העשרה וחיי היום יום בתור אדם בוגר, אין רגע מרגש יותר כרגעים בהם אמא מוליכה את ילדה לחופה בקליפ המושקע ״עם סגולה״ גד אלבז משתף אותנו בחוויה רגשית עצומה דרך עיניה של אמא המגשימה את חלומה הקליפ שצולם בניו יורק הוא תוצר של שיתוף פעולה נמשך בין גד אלבז והבמאי דני פינקלמן בהפקה של ספארקס נקסט השיר ״עם סגולה״ הולחן ע״י ססיליה מרגוליס והופק מוסיקלית על ידי אלי לישינסקי וניר גראף עם עיבודים נוספים של […]

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  • “Shmor” Benny Elbaz – Pro Israel rally NYC 2014

    “Shmor” Benny Elbaz – Pro Israel rally NYC 2014

    As the difficult situation continues in the Middle East and critics worldwide blast Israel for its response to Hamas rocket fire, comes Shmor, an all new music video starring Israeli superstar Benny Elbaz, set against the backdrop of the Midtown Manhattan pro-Israel rally that took place on July 21st, 2014 and was attended by thousands. With mesmerizing footage showing the unbreakable link between the nation of Israel and its unbreakable commitment to our Heavenly Father as well as the solidarity […]

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  • “A Chazan” Meir Goldberg

    “A Chazan” Meir Goldberg

    Meir Goldberg continues to breathe new life into the classics of yesteryear updated for a new generation, this time taking on “A Chazandel Oif Shabbos,” previously sung by Jan Peerce and other cantoral greats. “A Chazandel Oif Shabbos” tells the story of a cantor visiting a town for Shabbos, and the three most prominent men in the town: a tailor, a blacksmith and a wagon driver, insist on having the chazan audition for them prior to letting him lead services. […]

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  • You Raise Me Up – Dovid Moskovits

    You Raise Me Up – Dovid Moskovits

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  • Lipa Schmeltzer “Believe in a Miracle”

    Lipa Schmeltzer “Believe in a Miracle”

    Published on Dec 9, 2012 Once again, producer Danny Finkelman has teamed up with superstar Lipa Schmeltzer for a feel-good Chanukah video that captures the overwhelming joy and wonder of this most special of holidays. Together with composer and executive producer Cecelia Margules, the trio presents Believe In A Miracle, an enthusiastic anthem to the Festival of Lights, as well as an exuberant reminder that even during difficult times, miracles are all around us on a daily basis. “Like so many […]

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  • Gad Elbaz – Esh Shel Mashiach גד ובני אלבז – אש של משיח

    Gad Elbaz – Esh Shel Mashiach גד ובני אלבז – אש של משיח

    מילים: מקורות / בני אלבז לחן: גד ובני אלבז עיבוד: אלעד עמק ודני סיון תיכנותים: אלעד עמק הפקה מוזיקאלית: גד אלבז הפקה: שלומי כהן Zoab Entertainment במאי קליפ: דני פינקלמן צילומים הופעה: יענקי טננבאום Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is literally on fire in his latest music video, titled Esh Shel Mashiach. Following on the heels of Elbaz’s blockbuster single, Hashem Melech, released last summer, Esh Shel Mashiach is a feel-good song that reflects Elbaz’s own passion for life and the […]

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  • NACHAS – Ah Simcha

    NACHAS – Ah Simcha

    “AH SIMCHA!” That is the time when we find ourselves rejoicing. When we forget our worries, forget all the pain in the world and just dance, & get lost in the moment. It’s when we dance with a Chosson, a Kallah, or a Bar Mitzvah boy. This is a time when we take our friends by the hand & connect on such a high level spiritually & joyeously, that the Gates of Heaven break open. All the Malachim, and HaKodesh […]

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