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  • NISSIM “Fly Away” Music Video

    NISSIM “Fly Away” Music Video

    With words that touch the soul and music so uplifting that it soars effortlessly skyward on gossamer wings, Nissim Black is back once again, this time with the optimistic Fly Away that carries a message of hope and promise. Filmed in South Africa by Director Daniel Finkelman, Fly Away is the message a young teen who is part of a community of converts to Judaism living in the slums of Johannesburg, where conveniences like running water and electricity are nothing […]

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  • Gad Elbaz feat. Nissim – L’CHAIM

    Gad Elbaz feat. Nissim – L’CHAIM

    An unplanned trip to an antique store catapults Israeli singing sensation Gad Elbaz back through the generations to a 19th century Ukrainian shtetl, a simpler time and place where, despite the lack of modern conveniences, happiness was all around for the taking. L’chaim, a Sparks Next production by filmmaker Daniel Finkelman, is a joyous expression in contrasts, as energy and nostalgia, klezmer and hip hop and past and present come together in an exuberant celebration of life. Elbaz finds himself […]

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  • Shine a Little Light

    Shine a Little Light

    “Shine a Little Light” – Written & Composed by Yitzi Hurwitz Original vocals and guitar by Yitzi at the opening and closing of the song. Recorded on Yitzi’s cell phone in 2008. Watch Yitzi’s story: “Behind the song” https://youtu.be/vpLawri0pOY You can help Yitzi and his family shine a little light by giving what you can at http://www.hurwitzfamilyfund.com To read Yitzi’s inspiring weekly blog please visit http://yitzihurwitz.blogspot.com Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shi… Chords: //// //// //// // // D A G D […]

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  • Gad Elbaz and Nissim – Hashem Melech 2.0

    Gad Elbaz and Nissim – Hashem Melech 2.0

    In an exuberant explosion of music, Israeli legend Gad Elbaz joins forces with rapper Nissim Black as the two take to the streets of New York City proclaiming Hashem’s eternal majesty. GAD ELBAZ & NISSIM – Hashem Melech 2.0 —- Go to www.HashemMelech.com to join a crowdfunding campaign for the family of a recent terrorist victim and get a free download of Hashem Melech 2.0 —- Lyrics By — From prayer, Nissim Black, Moshe Friedman Music Producers — Robot Jox, […]

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  • Rainbow in the Night

    Rainbow in the Night

    Seventy two years have elapsed since the German invasion of Poland and as time progresses, the number of people who can recount the stories of the atrocities that occurred during the darkest period in our history continues to grow smaller and smaller. As the voices of those who survived World War II weaken with age, those who deny the Holocaust are becoming more and more vocal as they spread their malicious lies worldwide. While Steven Spielberg’s epic film Schindler’s List […]

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  • Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz הבה נגילה – גד אלבז

    Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz הבה נגילה – גד אלבז

    בימוי דני פינקלמן – Sparks Next מילים – צביקה בורנשטיין לחן – גד אלבז עיבודים והפקה מוזיקלית – רובי פייר, עידו נמר, וגד אלבז גיטרות – שמעון יחיא חצוצרות – עדי מאירי קלידים ותכנותיים – רובי פאייר מיקס ומאסטרינג – אורן עמנואל וידאו קליפ בימוי והפקה – וידאו קליפ – דני פינקלמן – Sparks Next במאי שני – אהרון אוריין – עולם ומלואו כוריאגרף ומפיק – צביקה בורנשטיין כוריאגרפיה – דניאל ווזויק מפיק מקומי – אלי אילוז ניהול והפקה – […]

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  • Dudu Fisher in The Last Survivor – Live in Vegas

    Dudu Fisher in The Last Survivor – Live in Vegas

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  • גד אלבז – פותח את ידך – Gad Elbaz – Open Up

    גד אלבז – פותח את ידך – Gad Elbaz – Open Up

    “Open up” Lyrics – Zvika Bornstein / Prayer Composed by Gad Elbaz and Shlomi Cohen Producer – Shlomi Cohen Produced & Arranged by Gad Elbaz & Elad Emek Guitars: Shlomi Cohen Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Elad Emek Produced and directed by Danny Finkelman Production and Management: Shlomi Cohen ZOAB Entertainment Public Relations: Hoshen Production – Shlomi Cohen ——Open Up—– I look all around, its everywhere, You are there besides me You give everything, you the one above I have […]

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  • Tal Vaknin feat. Gad Elbaz – Emunah

    Tal Vaknin feat. Gad Elbaz – Emunah

    כל הזכויות שמורות : לטל ועקנין את תטה עושים מוסיקה בעבור רחל ג’ורסי כל ההכנסות מהשיר, ייתרמו לעמותת החסד על שם ג’רין אסתר ג’ורסי בניהולה של אמא רחל ג’ורסי. Sung by: Gad Elbaz, Tal Vaknin Lyrics: Jherin Esther Gorcey Composition: Tal Vaknin Ran Aviv Producer: Tal Vaknin Teta making music Ltd Arrangement: Ran Aviv Programming: Ran Aviv Musical consultants: Gad Elbaz, Ron Ben-Yosef, Itamar Lishinski, and Rachel Gorcey Drums: Ran Aviv, Asher Pedy Guitar: Ran Aviv Additional guitar: Avi Singolda […]

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  • WeR1 Music Video

    WeR1 Music Video

    We may not all look the same, live in the same place or engage in the same level of religious observance, but deep down inside, the Jewish nation shares a common bond that unites us, that transcends distance and breaks boundaries. WeR1 shatters the differences that divide us, focusing on the unshakeable connection shared by members of the Jewish nation all across the globe. “So many choose to focus on what sets people apart, but the truth is that our […]

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