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  • Menashe


    Within Brooklyn’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community, a widower battles for custody of his son. A tender drama performed entirely in Yiddish, the film intimately explores the nature of faith and the price of parenthood. Daniel Finkelman producer Yoni Brook … producer Traci Carlson … producer Adam Margules … executive producer Chris Columbus … executive producer Alex Lipschultz … producer Eleanor Columbus executive producer Danelle Eliav … executive producer Melanie Zoey … co-producer Royce Brown … co-producer

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  • Opening Night

    Opening Night

    Opening Night, a powerful drama featuring the legendary Dudu Fisher, is the story of Mark, an Auschwitz survivor, who struggles valiantly to come to terms with the past he tried to forget while attempting to reconnect with his adult son. Set in 1971, the film offers glimpses of 1939 Poland including Mark’s family and his former career as a performer, both cruelly annihilated by the Nazis. Mark finally triumphs over his decades old internal conflict and, buoyed by the love […]

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  • “Opening Night” Trailer

    “Opening Night” Trailer

    Set in 1971, a Holocaust survivor tries to reconstruct his relationship with his son and his past as he takes on the main role in an off-Broadway show. Sparks Next Productions With Dudu Fisher, Adam Margules, Janice Hall, Nora Liebman Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman Executive Producer – Cecelia Margules Cinematography by Mauricio Arenas Editor Michael Puro Director of Photography – Nicolas gril Screenplay – Alex Kohn and Michael Puro Story by Sam Fischler and Daniel Finkelman Music and […]

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