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  • Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    Ateret Shlomo – Telz

    לרגל הארוע המיוחד של חנוכת הבית בישיבת עטרת שלמה והכנסת 7 ספרי תורה לזכר שבעת הרועים- ראשי ישיבת טעלז לדורותיה, הופק סרט מרגש ומיוחד המציג את העבר המפואר של ממלכת טעלז בתפארתה. במקביל נחשף תיעוד מרגש והסטורי של בנין הישיבה העתיק בעיר טעלז שבליטא, וברגעים מרטיטים מתואר מעמד קידוש ה’ הנשגב של בני הקהילה ובני הישיבה שהוצאו להורג בימי הזעם. משם עובר הסרט ועוקב אחרי התקומה הבלתי נתפסת בהקמת ישיבת עטרת שלמה בארץ ישראל, כשהשיא בצילומים מרהיבים של רגעי לימוד […]

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  • Holocaust Survivor Band | Op-Docs | The New York Times

    Holocaust Survivor Band | Op-Docs | The New York Times

    This short documentary profiles two elderly Holocaust survivors in Florida who recently formed their own Klezmer band. Directed by: Joshua Z Weinstein Produced by: Daniel Finkelman Executive Producer: Cecelia Margules Location Sound: Grady Christoher Produced by Sparks Next for The New York Times Op Docs

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  • Circle of Hope

    Circle of Hope

    The Circle of Hope provides a myriad of services as well as physical, emotional and spiritual support to Jewish patients and their families undergoing treatment at the world renowned ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ. The Circle of Hope strives to provide individualized attention, comfort and security to patients and their loved ones during their time of need. For more information please visit www.circleofhopenj.org Produced by Danny Finkelman US crew: DP – Brandon Pro Sound – Grady Christopher Israel […]

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  • SPEAK UP – A JCW Film

    SPEAK UP – A JCW Film

    JCW is proud to release a new short film called Speak Up, telling the stories of seven young adults from the Orthodox Jewish community who suffered the horrors of child sexual abuse and have journeyed from being victims to survivors. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO which was produced in order to raise awareness of abuse and to send a message of solidarity to survivors, that they are not alone. If you are a survivor, please know that you have nothing to […]

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    A trailer for the upcoming documentary film “The Last Survivors” focusing on holocaust survivors in 2013, New York. Directed by Daniel Finkelman Executive Producer – Cecelia Margules Photography – Mauricio Arenas Sound – Michael Puro Editor – Bianca Zanini Graphics – Massimo Crapanzano Consultant: Elisheva Lock Special thanks to Connect 2 www.Sparksnext.com

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  • Mumbai Tribute

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  • Modi in the kitchen: Making Kugel – At the Buzz

    Modi in the kitchen: Making Kugel – At the Buzz

    Published on Mar 14, 2013 Stand-up comedian Modi makes Kugel with the all new Gourmet Grade food processor available exclusively at the Buzz.

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  • RCCS Split the Pot

    RCCS Split the Pot

    Published on Nov 28, 2012 RCCS Miracles thru Music 2012 on Dec 6th. 7pm. Split the Pot http://www.rofehcholim.org/auction/ Join us! You got to be in it, to win it. Starring Yoely Lebovits, Chaim Itzkowits, Mordechai Hershkowits, Sean Sinderbrand Produced by Danny Finkelman, Sparksnext Photography by Mauricio Arenas Edited by Michael Puro Sound by Artem Kulakov

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  • Oz Vehodar

    Oz Vehodar

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  • The making of “Rainbow in the night”

    The making of “Rainbow in the night”

    Published on Apr 19, 2012 A behind the scenes look at the “Rainbow in the night” Holocaust music video shot in Poland and NY, and it’s Executive producer / composer Cecelia Margules, Director Daniel Finkelman, and Cinematographer Mauricio Arenas.

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