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  • Gad Elbaz ft The Holocaust Survivor Band – SHINE ON

    Gad Elbaz ft The Holocaust Survivor Band – SHINE ON

    Produced and Directed by Daniel Finkelman – Sparks Next Co directed by Aharon Orian – Olam Media Co Executive Producers – Arie Taykan and Sylvia Kahana Line Producer: Daniela Kalmar-Schoenberger Cinematographer: David Orian Script: Aharon Orian, Daniel Finkelman AC: Vlad Margulis PR and management: Shlomi Cohen AD: Anna Eret Steadicam – Charlie Rizek PA: Estelle Rapaport PA: Kay Knauke Make-Up: Alexandre Da Costa Coordinator: Miriam Cleeman Graphic design: Israel Toubul Set photography: Sigel Eschkol Co produced by – Omanim Booking […]

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  • גד בני ובנימין אלבז – אבן מאסו הבונים – Gad, Benny & Binyamin Elbaz – Even

    גד בני ובנימין אלבז – אבן מאסו הבונים – Gad, Benny & Binyamin Elbaz – Even

    Composed By – Cecelia Margules & Gad Elbaz MUSIC VIDEO – Produced and directed by Daniel Finkelman http://sparksnext.com Co Directed – Aharon Orian —————— Music Credits: Arranged by : Daniel Kapler and Ian Freitor. Keyboards and programming: Daniel Kapler. Guitars : Daniel Kapler. Mixed and mastered at playmasters studios. Recorded at playmasters studios. Production: ZOAB Entertainment – Shlomi Cohen ———- Video Credits: Produced and Directed – Daniel Finkelman – Sparks Next Co Directed – Aharon Orian DP – Israel – […]

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  • Gad Elbaz – Just Like That

    Gad Elbaz – Just Like That

    In an age where weddings have become laden with costly extras, an all new video starring Israeli icon Gad Elbaz puts the spotlight back on the pure, unadulterated joy that is at the essence of every marital celebration. With music by Elbaz and Cecelia Margules, Keitzad is an energetic burst of whimsical exuberance, a celebration of the indescribable happiness that can barely be contained with the creation of yet another Jewish home. Set on the streets of Lod, Ketizad strips […]

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  • Menashe


    Within Brooklyn’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community, a widower battles for custody of his son. A tender drama performed entirely in Yiddish, the film intimately explores the nature of faith and the price of parenthood. Daniel Finkelman producer Yoni Brook … producer Traci Carlson … producer Adam Margules … executive producer Chris Columbus … executive producer Alex Lipschultz … producer Eleanor Columbus executive producer Danelle Eliav … executive producer Melanie Zoey … co-producer Royce Brown … co-producer

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  • Opening Night

    Opening Night

    Opening Night, a powerful drama featuring the legendary Dudu Fisher, is the story of Mark, an Auschwitz survivor, who struggles valiantly to come to terms with the past he tried to forget while attempting to reconnect with his adult son. Set in 1971, the film offers glimpses of 1939 Poland including Mark’s family and his former career as a performer, both cruelly annihilated by the Nazis. Mark finally triumphs over his decades old internal conflict and, buoyed by the love […]

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  • “With life, Who can stop us” Ateret Cohanim 2017

    “With life, Who can stop us” Ateret Cohanim 2017

    A special film presentation made in celebration of Jerusalem’s 50th anniversary of it’s reunification for as was presented in the annual dinner for American Friends of Ateret Cohanim Directed by Daniel Finkelman Produced by Chaim Leibtag Co Produced and DP – Aaron Orian DP – David Orian Sound – Vadim Yugman Line Producer – Mendy Cohen PA – Miryam Hadas Special appearance and score by Gad Elbaz Additional music taken from: “All Gone” by Gustavo Santaolalla “Haga’agua” Yonatan Razel

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  • 770 – Seven Seventy

    770 – Seven Seventy

    Visiting NY? There’s one stop you don’t want to miss! מבקרים בניו יורק? יש תחנה אחת שאסור לכם לפספס… Directed by Aharon Orian Produced by Daniel Finkelman Cinematographer – Lael Utnik Script – David Orian and Aharon orian Starring – Adam Margules and Jeri Silverman Editor – Aharon Orian Content coordinator – Yossi Tanis Script supervisor- Mendi Taler Script consultants – Amos Cohen, Shneor Chaviv, Yechiel Garelik, and Mendy Ekselrod Rabbinical consultant – Rabbi Yossi Ginzburg AD – Royce Brown […]

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  • NISSIM “Fly Away” Music Video

    NISSIM “Fly Away” Music Video

    With words that touch the soul and music so uplifting that it soars effortlessly skyward on gossamer wings, Nissim Black is back once again, this time with the optimistic Fly Away that carries a message of hope and promise. Filmed in South Africa by Director Daniel Finkelman, Fly Away is the message a young teen who is part of a community of converts to Judaism living in the slums of Johannesburg, where conveniences like running water and electricity are nothing […]

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  • American Friends of Sderot

    American Friends of Sderot

    2017 dinner presentation for American Friends of Sderot Produced and edited by Daniel Finkelman DP David Orian Sound Vadim Yugman AD Mendy Cohen

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  • Silver Lining – trailer

    Silver Lining – trailer

    Each year we mourn the destruction of the Bais Hakmikdash, but there is no doubt that from our vantage point in current society, where we live comfortably and enjoy religious freedom, it is difficult to mourn the loss of something that we never personally experienced. Is the loss of our holy temple nothing more than a sad chapter in the annals of history that we commemorate each year? Or even now, centuries later, is it something that truly has a […]

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