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  • Gad Elbaz ft The Holocaust Survivor Band – SHINE ON

    Gad Elbaz ft The Holocaust Survivor Band – SHINE ON

    Produced and Directed by Daniel Finkelman – Sparks Next Co directed by Aharon Orian – Olam Media Co Executive Producers – Arie Taykan and Sylvia Kahana Line Producer: Daniela Kalmar-Schoenberger Cinematographer: David Orian Script: Aharon Orian, Daniel Finkelman AC: Vlad Margulis PR and management: Shlomi Cohen AD: Anna Eret Steadicam – Charlie Rizek PA: Estelle Rapaport PA: Kay Knauke Make-Up: Alexandre Da Costa Coordinator: Miriam Cleeman Graphic design: Israel Toubul Set photography: Sigel Eschkol Co produced by – Omanim Booking […]

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  • Almost Close – A Jerusalem Chai documentary

    Almost Close – A Jerusalem Chai documentary

    the video brings to light the work of the American Friends of Ateret Cohanim which has supported the efforts of Ateret Cohanim in Israel to renew the once thriving communities of the Old Jewish Quarter, today called the Muslim and Christian Quarters. American Friends seeks to strengthen the Jewish presence in these areas by providing for the social, emotional and security needs of those families and students who live in and around the Old City. These Israelis, who have chosen […]

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  • “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    “The Last Survivor” 2nd Film trailer

    As the days go by, their numbers begin to dwindle with all too few survivors left to share their stories. Their sagas are incomprehensible, too painful to endure, and yet despite overwhelming adversity, they triumphed over the greatest horror ever known to mankind by rebuilding the shattered remnants of their lives. Each and every survivor is a true hero, a precious treasure holding the key that links our past to our future. Who will tell over their stories when the […]

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  • Your Friendly Pharmacist – sizzle reel

    Your Friendly Pharmacist – sizzle reel

    Your Friendly Pharmacist is a docu-reality project revolving around several cast members working at Echo Pharmacy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and sometimes their lives outside of it. We all get our rx’s filled at pharmacies, but do we really know what goes on behind the counter? A So Real? Entertainment Presentation Created, Directed & Produced by Dave Broitman Executive Produced by Lev Rivkin Co-Produced by Eric Vargas, Danny Finkelman & Brendan Boettler Editing & Music Supervision by Brendan Boettler Starring […]

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  • Jewish Star 2013


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