About Us

Founded in 2009, Sparks Next has fast made a name for itself, raising the bar in the world of cinematography.  Founded by filmmaker Danny Finkelman, a Manhattan Beach resident, Sparks Next has brought a previously unprecedented level of professionalism to the Jewish entertainment business, with its staff of young and talented filmmakers, an award winning screenwriter and world renowned musicians.

A boutique production house, Sparks Next scripts, produces, shoots and edits every project from start to finish and has worked with virtually every major artist in the Jewish music industry.  Sparks’ list of credits is long and varied and includes the ensemble video Unity for Justice, which featured over 40 Jewish music stars in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, The Japan Song, filmed on site at the Chiba Detention Center, and Rainbow in the Night, a short retrospective of the Holocaust created to educate today’s youth about the horrors of World War II.  Other music videos include Hang Up the Phone and Mizrach, both featuring superstar Lipa Schmeltzer, Sandy’s Ark, a fundraiser for communities ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and Let Us Build, starring music legend Michael Elias.  Sparks Next has also produced documentaries, commercials and numerous video presentations for non-profit organizations including RCCS, The Friendship Circle and many others.  Finkelman is currently producing the A Jewish Star reality show for the fourth season of the acclaimed talent competition and  has begun post production on an epic short feature film with the incomparable Dudu Fisher.

Never one to compromise on quality, Danny Finkelman has traveled with his crew all over the world to ensure the authenticity of his projects and has filmed in Jerusalem, London, Rome, Vienna, Japan, Krakow, Budapest as well as various locations across the United States.  With his discerning eye and his uncanny ability to capture images that speak volumes, Finkelman continues to innovate and set new standards, making Sparks Next the premier name in cinematography and film productions.